Work-work tribute

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Is there a specific relationship for a work being a tribute to another work? Work-work (based on) comes close but it misses the dedication intent.

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If you don’t see it, we more than likely don’t have it.
You can always make a JIRA ticket for any relationship you think you might need.

Wondering if “Dedicated to entity” would be a valuable addition?
(I’ve probably got the lingo wrong but entity where that could be artist, work, label, place.
Though that could have “all the single fathers out there” becoming an artist?)

How about “Dedicated to entity/non-entity”?

edit: This also suggests a new and lucrative career path for Van Morrison: for a mere $2000 you can be placed onto a list of names, maybe a list of 200 names, which Van, with a beautiful Celtic tune accompaniment, will make into a number one hit that will have people crying in the streets called, “This song is dedicated to …”.
Having purchased his album with “You say France and I’ll whistle” on it I know he is capable of this.

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I was thinking about the ‘dedicated to’ as an open thing for any entity as a solution to this. I can’t really think of a good reason not to as dedications aren’t necessarily reserved for people. Certainly there’s other instances of ‘This song is dedicated to New York’ or something

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“Dedicated to” is already a work–artist relationship. Incidentally, there is no “is about / is the subject of” work–artist relationship, which could be useful. But getting back to the original question:

@nedotepa: No, there is no such relationship. I would say that “is based on” is only appropriate for derivative works. Maybe whether it’s appropriate in this case depends on whether the “tribute” work appropriates a substantial amount of the original work. I think it should also apply if the tribute work is a pastiche that reuses or modifies a defining characteristic of the previous work.

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Thanks, sibilant. This answers it. It’s rare for songs to be dedicated to other songs, so it’s probably needless to make a new relationship. Especially if the tribute is recorded in the song’s title.

You can also use the annotation to store credits we don’t (yet) have a proper relationship for.

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