"Work premiered by Artist" relationship [STYLE-938]

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STYLE-938 proposes to add an Artist premiered Work relationship. I think it makes sense in general, but I’m not sure about when should we suggest to use it.

Should this (and “premiered in place”) be used in general, regardless of whether we have an event for this as well, or should we default to using an event (like here) and only use the artist / place (or area) if we don’t have enough info for a “proper” event?

I guess currently we don’t exactly specify with relationships which artist performed which work in an event, which might be a reason to still add artists (and maybe not places) to the works, but what do others think?

If necessary, the first option can be temporarily used until the second option becomes workable, that is, until we […] specify […] which artist performed which work in an event (which might be done either with 3-point relationships or with enhanced setlists).

I would say yes: I prefer to see the “premiering” artist directly on the Work page. Right now the “premiered at: [concert]” doesn’t give much information.


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Yes, in many cases that’s the only information available, and we can’t get it from an event, like you said.

That’s still not enough to say which artist premiered the work. What if it was performed by three different people at the same event…?

This really needs an artist-work relationship.

Ok, I’m convinced, at least for now - if events get much better maybe we can point to a specific performance in an event in the future, but this is probably quite far away :slight_smile:

So, https://musicbrainz.org/relationship/5cc8cfb5-cca0-4395-a44b-b7d3c1777608