Work movement reused in another work - Relationship type?


Sometimes a composer reuses a movement from one work in another work. Whereas the complete work with a reused movement may be considered a revision of an older work, strictly speaking this does not apply to a movement itself: it was not revised, it was just reused without modifications. What is the right approach in such case?

  • Create only one work for the reused movement, link it as a part to both “container” works: in such case the name of the movement is not in line with name of one of “container” works (different catalogue number).

  • Create two separate works for reused movement, add a relationship between them which indicates that the work has been reused. Which relationship may be used in such case?

  • As a last resort, create two separate works for reused movement and add an annotation with descriptive text.

Which approach would you recommend?


Some tangents here: Levels in the structure of works (mainly on hierarchy, not relation type)