[wishlist] Progress shown in Windows taskbar


Sometimes when I save albums, Picard apparently has to re-write the FLAC, making the save take up to several minutes per album. Picard is almost non-responsive while doing this, and Windows struggles with even showing Picard when I Alt-Tab (which I do a bit too often, but I can’t resist checking in on the progress…). It would be really helpful if the program icon in the Windows taskbar showed some kind of progress. For example, the Musicbee icon has some kind of green overlay showing progress which is really helpful.

Just an idea :slight_smile:


I like this idea and it would be doable. I added a ticket to track this:

No promises this will make it into the next release, but I will look into it to see how difficult it would be to integrate.


Fantastic, thank you!

And no hurry :slight_smile:

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Allow me to append a piggy-bag request:
When processes take a very long time or don’t seem to progress, and you want to end them, currently the only way is to close Picard completely.
An ‘end processes’ button that terminates and resets all running processes would be a little more elegant?


We have a ticket for this already:


Turns out it was rather easy to add this progress display and it works surprisingly well. Also a similar behavior is available on many Linux desktop environments. Code changes are done, here are some screenshots:


Progress display on Windows 10.


The same on Windows 7.

This is on Linux using KDE, very similar to how it looks on Windows.


Ubuntu by default has a vertical dock, which also supports a progress bar.


Wow, fantastic! Thanks for the effort, I think this will really improve the experience.

Ooooh! Rats! Clickbait !?!?! :wink: LOL
I got excited for a second 'cause I saw PICARD-288 listed there too…

/me says as he watches is be stuck at 9079… for the past couple hours.

I just don’t want to quit with the rest of the results I have loaded still… I just can’t load any more queries / new albums until I quit …