Winamp for music collection management


Ahh… progress. I used to use Winamp to rip, tag, add artwork, catalogue and playback my music. Even though I am still a beta tester for Winamp I now use three or four different programs to do those same tasks! Just imagine if we could get MB tagging into Winamp.

Didn’t Dr O produce an “export to excel” option for Winamp? Or is that just a warped memory from my head?

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@IvanDobsky I don’t recall anything specifically from Dr O but these are a couple of links pertinent to export to excel. and

Under options, pref, nullsoft database import/export, there is a plugin that I have yet to try. I will play with that to see if it will work. Not much beta testing lately huh? :disappointed_relieved: Maybe Mr Sinatra has knowledge of the latest attempt to import/export. I would really like to have a print out of my collection.


LOL - seems like our Winamp discussion has been banished to a corner… so might as well make use of it.

[Rant Mode On]

Beta testing - yeah, we all know why it has gone silent. Radionomy never wanted Winamp, only the Streamcast thing. Can’t remember last beta I got - must have been in 2017.

As to Mr Sinatra - he is the exact reason I left the community. Selfish self adsorbed arrogant ignorant idiot who acted as if Winamp was his personal product. I have to thank him for stopping me from taking forums so seriously like I did in the past. But he also killed off a very happy place for me. I used to get a lot of pleasure helping out over there, until he tried taking over every ****ing discussion…

There is also a good reason why he was never invited to be a Beta tester… I was not the only one with that opinion.

Dr O’s site is still around. His plugins are what made Winamp what it is. This plugin is the one that would export to CSV files. Don’t know if it still works.

I know he was also working on an updated Winamp. Not sure if that still is happening or not. Can’t remember the link at the moment…

Winamp was great for how simple it was. Built by engineers and not sales idiots. Still nothing like it around.

In many ways it is a little embarrassing how deep into KODI I now am. But kinda funny that I now use so many different programs to cover the tasks that Winamp used to do so well.


Glad you sent me on this chase… I had not looked at Winamp development in a while.

Haha - and there he is. Some how DrO is still staying sane and working hard on his own modified edition of Winamp. Patching the .666 version to bring it up to date.

Even better… a post dated “yesterday” that talks about a Beta version.

Meanwhile, in the land of DJ Egg - the last known official developer… things are too quite. so I don’t know what is going on over there.

Would be so nice to see it all reappear one day…


Trying to suppress my giggles, :laughing: Yes he was/is. I was a winamp forum lizard and I used to cringe at some of the comments he made to some nice folks. Actually I rarely posted after reading his remarks.

Anyway, I still have winamp as my go to player. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the fact that winamp dropped it’s auto tagging option. I’m really glad to be here. Great place for help without being brow beaten. I enjoy contributing to Picard, it is becoming more than a hobby. The info I glean from this site is super.


Gday Ivan::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Just saw that DrO released an official dev for Winamp.

I am now running it on my Win10 machine and it looks okay. It is a little faster and they killed off the Gracenote stuff. I have always kept my player lite and even still use the Classic Winamp skin. Thought you might want to peek at it. Yes and your BFF is still there,:wink: although his manner is a little more subdued. TTFN
Should have said DJ Egg, not DrO. Oops, my bad.


'ello fellow Winamparian. I’ll have a look at that DrO version some time soon. But I am a bit too deep down the KODI rabbit hole now. It is why I do so much work on the databases here and uploading of Artwork.

It also lets me know the mess that Gracenote used to cause to my ripped media. MB data is miles ahead of where Gracenote was.

I’ll put Winamp on as a “play something not in my KODI library”, but my main library has evolved way beyond what Winamp can do with it. I also pump music around the house, and control from various web browsers. All tricks Winamp doesn’t do.

What fascinates me about Winamp’s main forums are how they are a study in mental illness. It is fascinating when you step back and look at the people. What a strange mad crowd - no wonder I felt at home there. :crazy_face:

The problem with MrS is that the forum desperately needed an “Ignore User” option.

Do you know if DrO has plans to add any new tagging tool like MB? Or is he still fighting to keep his head above water?

HANG ON… I just followed that link. Why did you say DrO when you meant DJ Egg? You’ve confused me by sending me back to a three month old link. DrO is also creating a new Winamp with his WACUP stuff. Part of the split and confusions.

I’ll look another day in more detail. I have my head full of The Goons at the moment as I have been hammering at a clean up of the MB Goons entries and need to take a break now…

Ying tong yiddle I po…