Why is there no space after 'feat.' in Artists Names [Fixed]

For songs with featured vocalists, why there is no space between ‘feat.’ and the vocalist’s name?

For example:

Edit: Ok, so there is a space, but visually in MusicBrainz Picard it looks otherwise. I am on an Apple Silicon Macbook fyi.

Two possibilities:

  1. If this is for some specific release only, it might be actually wrong on MusicBrainz and should be corrected there. With which release do you see this happen?

  2. You might have some plugin or script in Picard causing this. Do you have any scripts that alters artist tags? Which plugins do you have enabled?

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can confirm, I’ve missed a space here or there… :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t find any examples of this on MB (and no recent edits to fix it) - so at this stage I am assuming it is a script issue.

  1. I’m using Version 2.7.1

  2. This happened with a clean install. No plugins running.

Any tagger scripts in Options > Scripts?

Can you give an example release on MusicBrainz for which this is happening and show a screenshot of the issue?

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