Why is Picard using this recording artists? Different information for logged in users?

In this album from “21 Savage” you can see that Picard likes to fill the track #2 “Dirty K” with the two Artists “21 Savage/Lotto”

If I have a look at this release, I can’t see this informations. At least not as normal/guest user.

If I do my login on the website, I can see this additional information:

Two questions:
1.) Do we have a Picard setting to use/fill the recording artists? (If yes, where can I find this setting?)
2.) Is it by design, that not logged in users don’t see the same information as guest users?

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Actually the screenshot shows that Picard will write “Savage” as the track artist, the “New value” column shows the data to be written. It uses exactly the data from the release on MB.

No, there is currently no option in Picard to use the artist from the recording instead of from the track. A plugin would be able to extract this data. Maybe it would also be a good idea for Picard to provide a %_recording_artist% variable to hold this value.