Why is Picard showing different data to the database page?

Was gonna fix this title on the website but it’s already fixed so why isn’t it coming through in Picard?

See Recording “Rings Around Saturn (Peshay & Decoder remix)” by Photek - MusicBrainz

The track titles are coming from the release, not the recording:

But looks like you have the Title Case or Smart Title Case plugin active, or maybe a script that uses the $title function.


I’m still getting my head around all this… I’ll see if I’ve installed the plugins properly…
I don’t mean to seem a stresshead but you have to understand, I’ve never needed coffee to tag my MP3s properly, in fact the majority of my library maintenance has been conducted at least half-baked so you have to understand I’m about getting the most done with the least energy so that I can work like a robot for years and multi-task wherever possible. I’ve no doubt I’ll get to grips eventually. :joy:

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