Why is Picard asking me to log in again and again?

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 13.57.18
I keep getting this message, I follow the instructions and paste in the authorisation code but a moment later it pops up again. Thanks.

In Picard, have you go into OPTIONS \ GENERAL and put the code in there? It should remember it then.

It’s not letting me get that far before popping up again. Strange.

Are you saying it appears immediately as you start Picard? You can’t get to the menu quick enough? Weird.

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Yeah, just takes me in circles.

There is an issue where it continues to ask you for the already queued up requests.We have an open ticket for this, but no solution yet.


That makes sense as AcoustID is having a bit of a wobble at the moment.

Maybe open the picard.ini file and remove the API key (acoustid_apikey=xxxxxxxx) You can at least get back to using Picard whilst the AcoustID server recovers from it current hiccups.

Thanks but I ended up quitting and reopening with less files and that seemed to resolve it. Not sure that MacOS uses INI files either?

There will be a similar text based config file of some form. It is in the help files as to the name.

Good it is fixed