Why has a VM using NAT a 3 x faster DL speed then using Bridged mode?

Today I found some strange behaviour.
After setting up a new VM for the newest version of MB Docker I accidentally set the VM network connection to NAT (=Network Address Translation) instead of Bridged. I got a instead of the usual IP address. My host PC has

During the download of the newest data dumps I realized that the DL speed with NAT was 3 x faster then the usual DL speed using Briged mode.

How can that be?

(I’m aware that the DL speed also depends from the source, but I don’t believe that the difference can be that big).

So far I was believing that the Bridged network Mode should be much faster.

Any ideas?

For those who are interested::

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I don’t know if there is any big difference with NAT/Bridged but the difference with the source is up to 10x.

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Last attempt with the much faster NAT for search dumps:
Downloaded: 23 files, 40G in 10m 13s (66.1 MB/s)