Why does Picard show Lyrics in dark-yellow?

I know from the documentation that this dark-yellow color means “Tag changed”.

But what exactly has changed in this case (Lyrics tag)?
How can I find the difference?

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I would guess the language of the lyrics is different, probably due to this bug:

I do not know how or whether you can make the language visible in Picard, but Mp3tag shows the language of USLT tags in this format: eng||Lyrics...

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Nope, that issue of lyrics languages has not yet been addressed, so it’s unrelated. Currently the difference must really be in the lyrics contents.

As there is no word by word comparison in Picard you would need to actually compare the two texts. Problem is you can’t see the full text in the original column :frowning:

We probably should extend at least the tag editor dialog to also show the original content. That would provide more space to show the full content of both original and new value.


AFAIK Picard doesn’t download and touch any lyrics, right?
How could the lyrics content change at all?

And yes it would be useful to see the complete content. Or in this case at least some kind of color for the changed parts only.

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That’s true. Unless you have a plugin updating the lyrics it you manually edit the lyrics tags you should actually see no change. If you see a change anyway something is wrong.

Does it happen for all files? I think that’s worth a bug ticket.

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I don’t use any lyrics plugin in Picard, thats why I wonder why Picard should touch/change the lyric content.
I load a mp3 with already included lyrics (and all the other tags) and double check them with Picard.
They seem to be “identical” (green checkmark) except for the lyrics.

The ticket 2015 has been created:

Update: I think it has to do with the $keep plugin.
If I uncheck every script I don’t see the yellow color.

As soon as I add a script line like:
or even reduced to the one-line and only script
the dark-yellow lyric appears.

Maybe this plugin “touches” the lyrics in a way that makes Picard thinking the content has changed?


My immediate thought is since the lyrics are multi-line, it could be the plugin changing the newline characters in the tag. (LF vs. CRLF)