Why do my file names repeat multiple times?

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Hi. Does anyone know why my directory tree has multiple repeats for the artist/ album before I get to the album with the actual music files?

For example: …/Music/[artist]/[album]/[artist]/[album]/[artist]/[album]/song.mp3

I think the number of repeats probably corresponds to the number of times I have saved the changes to the individual albums, but is there a setting somewhere that I can change so that it does not re-create subdirectories every time I update an album? I do desire to have the added files moved into the directory into which they belong. I just do not want the directories to re-create themselves over and over.

Is there any way to fix the already extant repetitive directories within Picard?


The default for this field is “.”, meaning “within the current directory”. This paired with “move files when saving” can create nested folders.

One fix would be to change the destination folder to Path/To/My/MusicFolder.


Cheers mate. That was exactly the issue. Thank you for your advice.