Why do i get could not load album msg for all my tracks

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hi all,

I’m kind a new here (just install picard yesterdy) but i have tons of music on my computer, when i tried to do the magic that will fix my tracks all i got way that red cd symbol that tells me COULD NOT LOAD ALBUM

thanks a lot


It means there’s issues with the MusicBrainz server… You can select them all and then right-click, and then hit refresh, and hopefully they will eventually load.

The servers have been having some issues lately unfortunately, you can check the blog for some updates, and there’s also a few posts about it:

And btw, Picard/MB is not magic!! (magical maybe, but still :wink: )
We highly recommend working with a backup of your files first, and testing your settings out on just a few albums at once. Picard WILL overwrite existing tags and rename things by default so please be carfeful!
Also, Picard will not be able to magically guess everything correctly, and you will have to do a bit of manual checking/ matching. Ten albums at once is probably about right.
There’s a few handy tutorials, but to start you off, you definitely want to hit ‘cluster’ before hitting lookup, and try lookup before using scan.
Have fun!


“It means there’s issues with the MusicBrainz server”

is there a chance i accidentally erase the server name?!
and if so what should it be?


The problem is with the server itself, so it’s probably not on your end. But you could check your settings in Picard to make sure. The server address should simply be “musicbrainz.org”.