Why are some listened tracks not clickable?

My tags should be complete, but some listens cannot be clicked on when listed in ListenBrainz, which I suppose means that the MBID cannot be resolved to a track in MusicBrainz.

Take for example: Release “Grava 4” by Drexciya - MusicBrainz, the listen of which was submitted as:

“track_metadata”: {
“artist_name”: “Drexciya”,
“release_name”: “Grava 4”,
“additional_info”: {
“date”: “2002-06”,
“discnumber”: “1”,
“totaldiscs”: “1”,
“track_mbid”: “c60af93d-e61a-375d-a399-c7173fff279d”,
“albumartist”: “Drexciya”,
“totaltracks”: “9”,
“tracknumber”: “4”,
“artist_mbids”: [
“release_mbid”: “cd31a67b-561e-4762-ad53-e9bd042f3b99”,
“listening_from”: “foobar2000”,
“recording_msid”: “20b6c29b-1c25-4708-874e-fc2932997044”,
“release_group_mbid”: “f61f9c53-a11c-32ba-843a-bd8bedc0f422”
“track_name”: “Galaxy Ways”
“listened_at”: 1672308325,
“recording_msid”: “20b6c29b-1c25-4708-874e-fc2932997044”,
“user_name”: “mfmeulenbelt”,
“inserted_at”: 1672308324

It looks like all the necessary information is there, and all other listened tracks from the same release can be clicked on, so why isn’t this one working?


Based on comments by the developers user provided MBIDs are currently ignored:

Personally I’m more concerned about incorrect mappings than missing mappings.

AFAIK if MBIDs are provided those would be used. But the listening above missed the recording MBID, that might be the reason if LB does not gather the recording ID from the release ID / track ID pair.