Why are Feat artist being moved to separate folders?

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I have around 175 GB of Music to sort. I used one program and it messed up my music and Capitalized all my music and tags and I can’t fix back.

So why are Featured artist moved to separate folders when saving. Is there also a way to put a script in to replace Feat. with ft. in the past I had many songs that had several featured artist on one song and Feat. would be too long. A script like

$set(title,$replace(%title%,\s\(feat. [^)]+\),))

$set(artist,$replace(%artist%,Feat. ,, ))

Similar but replace Feat. with ft.

Yes I read topics and debate people had this but did not see a solution.

That all depends on your setup. If you use the artist name for a folder and that artist name would contain featuring that of course becomes part of the folder name. Of your issue is that files for a single album get moved to separate folders make sure to use %albumartist% instead of %artist% in your naming script.

If your issue is that album artist contains the featuring you can use scripting to remove it. E.g. use scripting to set a variable %_albumfolder%:


Then in your naming script use %_albumfolder% for the folder name. If you need more details please post your naming script here.

This should do:

$set(artist,$replace(%artist%,feat. ,ft. ))
$set(albumartist,$replace(%albumartist%,feat. ,ft. ))

Also I would recommend to use the “Standardise Feat.” plugin, which will ensure all different kinds of writing featuring are first standardized to “feat.”. Then the script above reliable replaces all those “feat.” with “ft.”.