Which plugin is putting Album Artist in the Album field as well?

I did look through all the plugins I have installed but can’t work out what I’ve done wrong.

Hopefully you can see what I mean in the screen shot attached.

What player is that from? Have you looked at the raw tags in the files (in MusicBee, that would be the tag inspector)

Maybe you also have a specific script?

It’s after i load them into iTunes for Windows 11.

It’s not a script I’ve put on myself.

Hey DerekFerric!

Because players are weird and do weird things we need to see what the tags themselves look like, so we can rule out iTunes.

What does it look like in Picard? In the title field, e.g.

Hi, I ended up just restoring defaults and disabling all dubious plugins… I got a bit greedy I think, without knowing exactly what they would do. I think it was Format Performer Tags or Standardise Performers which was causing it, but not sure.

Format Performer Tags or Standardise Performers

Neither of those would have any effect on the album name. But have you confirmed that disabling plugins solved the problem?

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Yeah I just started from scratch and read the descriptions of plugins and onkly used the ones I ws sure about. Would help if it had examples in those little bits of blurb of how it would look.