Which mood expressions are used in my database?


Hello Folks,

This is Sebastian from Germany. I’ve taggt my Music with Picard and now I want to make smartplaylists in Kodi. But how could I know what expressions are used in my Music to search for. I know there is happy, aggressive, Party, Sad, acoustic but what else could there be that I dont know?

Hope you can understand, what I’m trying to ask for.

Thanks for your answers!



Picard itself does not fill the mood tag as this is not information MusicBrainz currently has. There are some plugins that will allow you to fill the mood tag, but the values stored will depend on the plugins used.

If you use the acousticbrainz plugin the moods it provides can be seen on http://acousticbrainz.org/datasets/accuracy (is there a better list available?)


Ok, thank you very much. I think that is what I was looking for. Now I know what search- terms I can use.