Where to put Brian's 7 choruses?

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I’m trying to enter in ARs for this, and the back (art already uploaded) just credits everyone, but not to the specific track(s) they’re on.

I could put the 7 choruses, plus the soloists, on all the tracks in Part 2 (which is the vocal part). Or I could put it on the release group—wait, no, that’s not allowed. The only way to share it with the two releases in the release group seems to be to put it on the recordings; otherwise I have to duplicate it on both releases.

(Can we even really be sure both orchestras played on each track?)


I think you’ll just have to put them at the release level. (And no, you can’t be sure every performer was on every track.)

BTW, I made a ticket a while back about the problem of entering release-level credits on multiple releases: http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-8880


Honestly, I’d probably just put them on all the tracks in part 2 and hope for the best. Ideally, they would be on some sort of recording grouping for the whole part, I guess, but I kinda feel that the benefits of having these relationships at the recording level on this situation are bigger than the downsides of one of them maybe not appearing in one of the (arbitrarily divided) sections.

In general, if “this work was performed by X artists” is enough for everyone else, including the label putting it out, I think we’re sometimes hurting ourselves by trying to be much more precise than them :confused:


I remember editing another release having this same work and going mad about identifying correct performers. I recommend not wasting too much time with this. You could add all performers to all tracks or if you are willing to give little bit more time you could easily spot instrumental only tracks (notice that part 2 also includes instrumental only tracks). I recommend crediting both orchestras for all tracks.


I like the “be lazy” advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Part 2 also has a cappella tracks (if you can call it that…), e.g., pretty sure disc 2, track 1 is only vocalists.

I’ll put them on everything, and some time I’m listening to it (on better equipment than these computer speakers) I can come back and delete some of the ones that don’t apply.