Where to find AcoustID edit notes?

I have a copy of https://musicbrainz.org/release/7d52b9c5-2c39-368f-b25b-9230b935d417 and noticed that my rip didn’t have AcoustIDs tagged, and went to fix that. When I scanned in Picard, I found some errors (e.g., a track switched) and it can’t tell apart 1 and 28 (same AcoustID, though different fingerprint). And tracks 14 and 15 don’t match, despite using Picard to submit the AcoustIDs.

So I started trying to fix this, and noticed that Track 14’s (728e1704-bb7d-487b-b267-b19ce410d3a5) and Track 15’s (f2abe281-9cdf-439b-ae5d-8f464d6e4c28) were both disabled by @Hawke who probably knows what he’s doing. So I wanted to see why… but I can’t find where the edit notes are shown. Even on https://acoustid.org/track/f2abe281-9cdf-439b-ae5d-8f464d6e4c28 where I just disabled it, and I’m confident I entered a note when prompted… it’s not displayed. Nor is it in the edit history of the recording on MB.

PS: How do I split the inappropriately merged AcoustID for tracks #1 and #28? fpcalc produces different output for them, so I presume it’s possible…

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728e1704-bb7d-487b-b267-b19ce410d3a5 was disabled due to the invalid duration difference (2:32 acoustid vs 3:00 recording.)

Looking at it now I see that there is a 2:32 track mixed in with the 3:00 ones. That track should probably be separated or at least examined closely. Duration difference is unlikely to be silence as it is in the middle of a larger work.

As for the track 1/28 distinction that’s probably impossible, since it is calculated automatically via a similarity algorithm, and changes to that algorithm will have far reaching impact.

As for the AcoustID comments, I created an issue over at AcoustID’s GitHub repo: https://github.com/acoustid/acoustid-server/issues/37. Not sure whether @lukz has the time to implement this feature any time soon.

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AcoustID has been pretty much in “maintenance only” mode for some time. There is a chance I’ll have time to work on AcoustID near the end of the year. It requires a large overhaul, so it’s hard to pick the most important things to do first. Displaying these comments should be possible to do sooner though.

Is this the kind of thing that is simple enough for a Google Code-in student to do? We’re having tasks for stuff like beets, so if AcoustID has small stuff that you want to try and get the students to deal with, that’d make sense too IMO.

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Is the AcoustID server part of the VM download? I presume it’s Perl like the rest? If so, maybe I’ll find some time to do it… but that’s a big maybe.

BTW: Found another two, https://acoustid.org/track/10538166 and https://acoustid.org/track/17088757 … I’m finding these as I’m verifying all the discs I ripped to Vorbis have been re-ripped to FLAC.

The MusicBrainz VM? No. AcoustID is a 3rd party project (by @lukz) and doesn’t per se have anything to do with MetaBrainz. The AcoustID server is written in Python and lives at Bitbucket

AcoustID is really not easy to setup. I don’t think I’d have time to support a Google Code-in student.