Where in the derived dump I can find the ratings themselves?

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I’m working on a university project and need to filter out unknown artists, someone here told me that I can find the ratings in the derived dump, but when I downloaded it to my computer I found no ratings table, so could someone please tell me how does the ratings are stored in the derived dump?


The dumps are designed to be imported into a database so you can start with a musicbrainz server install (such as the vm), mbslave or mbzdb

There should be data in artist_meta, artist_rating_raw, event_meta, event_rating_raw, label_meta, label_rating_raw, recording_meta, recording_rating_raw,release_group_meta, release_group_rating_raw, work_meta and work_rating_raw.


But I can’t find artist_rating_raw for exmple…
In which dump file can I find it?


I think this is found in mbdump-derived.tar.bz2 and is under the cc-a-nc-sa license.


What is the cc-a-nc-sa license?
When I downloaded the derived dump, I could not find the artist_rating_raw there…


You might not have _raw, since that’s per-user data. You should be able to get the average rating from the _meta tables, IIRC.


Can you please elaborate? I didn’t understand you.
What per user data means?
How can I get the average ratings from the meta tables? and where can I find them?



See https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/MusicBrainz_Database/Schema#.2A_rating_raw_.26_.2A_meta_tables