Where do the files go?

I use itunes for my music. I have windows 10

I downloaded Picard to find missing information.

After making a complete album and saving the information I can not play the music from itunes as it says missing file.

I’ve tried to locate the music and cannot seem to find where it goes.

Side Question

Does anyone use itunes and Picard together? Do you choose to move the files or rename them?

Hi @arcticninjahero!

Go into Picard, then go to Options > File Naming, and then check what’s in the ‘Destination directory’ box.
I can’t remember what the default is sorry.
But that should help you find you files.

PS I would always try out Picard (and other software that permanently changes files) on a copy of your files first :slight_smile:



There’s a thread about what happens when things go wrong (using iTunes & Picard) here.

Common advice for new users includes:

  • work on small batches of files at a time. Picard can get bogged down if you feed it too many files at once.
  • work on a copy of your files (as @aerozol said).
  • experiment first to make sure that you’re getting the results you want. If not, tweak the settings in Options → Options → File naming and Options → Options → Advanced → Scripting as needed. The docs cover the basics, and the forums are a great place to ask more detailed questions.