Where can I get all the instruments, engineers, etc. information for digital releases

Where can I locate and record from what website for all the instruments, engineers, etc. information for digital releases that are in the standards of a source in MB to receive and record this on the music tracks of release relationships?


Best source - find the CDs or LPs, read their books, update their recordings, then make sure the recordings are linked between CD and Digital editions.


I think I worded that wrong. Digital releases that do not have CD, LP’s released or released at this time.

Preferrable website information

I did understand you. And a failing of Digital Media releases is access to real data on them. So you have to research elsewhere and quote your sources. You don’t mention anything about which recordings, so I had to give a generic answer.

For example, bandcamp may name musicians at a Release level on their digital releases. Depends on the artist. A shop like iTunes is not interested.

I have been working on the Vitamin String Quartet. Their digital releases are awful as they even wipe out the original titles. But they have identical content to the original CDs. I hunt AllMusic.com, Discogs.com and other places like that to find booklets to read. Sometimes you find those sites hold the musicians even if the booklet cannot be found.

Wikipedia can sometimes be useful, but sometimes wildly inaccurate. Hard to gauge. Fan websites, original artist sites, and other things found via search. Just quote the source :slight_smile:


Best place is Jaxsta. It does have some mistakes though (mostly on compilations), but it’s the best I’ve found outside of a physical medium counterpart. Its info is directly from distributors.


Best source I’ve found for Japanese music is the Twitter accounts of the creators and musicians, if they proactively shared.

Jaxsta seems useless for Japanese music.