Where can I find user_id that is needed in troi?

TopMissedTracksPatch(troi.patch.Patch) needs an user_id. There is no description is the code about this var. Where can I find it ?

thx :slight_smile:

I have no idea, but I did find this thread on GitHub talking about it YIM 2022 playlist touch-ups by mayhem · Pull Request #86 · metabrainz/troi-recommendation-playground · GitHub


User_id is an internal field that identifies users and sadly, we don’t expose that. The reason for this is that we dont expect end-users to run this patch – it requires data to be calculated on the server for it to work. We normally use this to create our Year in Music reports, when we create playlists for each user with this script.

So, its not really possible to run this script for end-users. The next time I work with troi, I can try and clean that up so that the patches aren’t confused for end-user runnable scripts.