When to use ETI and when to use a Disambiguation Comment

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So, reading https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Titles and https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Disambiguation_Comment I was wondering which should be used to distinguish releases by the same artist that have an identical name.

An example given in Disambiguation_Comment is:

  • The album Weezer has the disambiguation comment “Red Album”
  • The album Weezer has the disambiguation comment “Green Album”

However Style/Titles says: “Additional information on a release … name that is not part of its main title, but intended to distinguish it from different releases … with the same main title …, should be entered in parentheses after the main title”.

Wouldn’t that also apply to the Weezer albums? If so, are both approaches equally valid?

ETI is referring to words that are actually printed on the packaging or equivalent.

In this case I don’t think “Red Album” is printed anywhere so it is not ETI and the guidelines for ETI are not relevant.


Thanks for clearing that up. When it says “Additional information on a release” I guess it means literally “found on” or “printed on”.

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Yep, if it’s printed on the artwork, than it’s ETI. If it’s just on the promo material or website, than it’s disambiguation.