When MusicBrainz doesn't have album info

Many times, the music that I record from my Amazon music account doens’t have album or artist info in the Picard MusicBrainz website/app, so I go and do it manually with the Mp3tag app which sometimes also can’t find the info, but it allows me to edit the fields manually. Is there a function on the Picard app that allows it to upload our music collection info so that the tags are available for future users?
I know the info might be wrong sometime or incomplete, but something is better than nothing, and people can add to it if necessary.


With album on the LEFT hand side, Cluster it, then Right Click, Plugins, Add Cluster as Release…


The short answer is, “yes”. This is done by the Submit cluster as a release functionality, and the step-by-step process is described in the documentation. This functionality used to be provided by a plugin, but is now included within Picard itself as of the most recent versions.

Further to this, you can also edit the tags manually if required prior to submitting the information by clicking on the “New value” in the list (below the cluster) and editing it in place.


Submit cluster as release isn’t the preferred way to add an album, because it provides only minimal metadata, the best is to find the matching album on a digital platform and use something like A multi‐source seeder for digital releases (or an importer).


Thanks for the responses

I had one instance where the artist wasn’t in the database and it wouldn’t let me add it as a new artist. How do I go around that issue?