When a Series has sub-series, should a Release Group be present in both series or only the most specific level?

I notice that Do not cluster - MusicBrainz is “no longer” a guideline, but still something we’re supposed to keep in mind. Should we be applying this to Series and sub-Series?

For example, Release group “Xenoblade Original Soundtrack” by 下村陽子、ACE+、清田愛未 & 光田康典 - MusicBrainz is currently a part of the specific series Xenoblade - MusicBrainz but it used to be a part of the generic parent series Xeno - MusicBrainz

Is it ideal to link the Release Group only to the most specific Series? (The most specific Series is a subseries of a parent Series that does not get a direct link to the Release Group.)

For a larger example, consider Dancemania - MusicBrainz which has a dozen subseries - we don’t want to link hundreds of release groups to both the most specific Series as well as the parent Series, right?


I think we should only link the RG to the specific subseries and then let the hierarchy of series do the rest of the work.
If it is a part of a subseries, it is included in the bigger series so it’s redundant to add it twice IMO


Maybe a toggle or tab that shows all releases in sub series in a series window would be a good idea? Shall I open a ticket?

Because I have the opposite opinion to @Totosaurio3279, when there’s heaps of subseries you might still want a place where you can view all the related releases, without clicking through to each lower level and then keeping a bunch of tabs open.

e.g. If I want to see all Xeno releases in release order it’s not necessarily helpful to be pointed to a page with links to 10 sub franchises

This is case by case obv, sometimes not linking them might make sense. In the Humble Bundle series I ended up taking out audiobooks from the parent series because it was getting v. messy:

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Well, that might be true, and I actually use a funcion like that a lot in VGMdb when I search for a franchise, but for longer ones it does get very extensive like this example.

I think a toggle could work really well, or… well, maybe moving the subseries to the top like in VGMdb? If it does get REALLY extensive I most certainly don’t want to scroll a whole lot to find such important data

I think so, yes.

This could be nice, indeed.

Note how for areas we display all sub area entities: https://musicbrainz.org/area/08310658-51eb-3801-80de-5a0739207115/artists

Here it could be better to display sub series entities only after some click, like for sub-works with @loujin userscript: https://github.com/loujine/musicbrainz-scripts/blob/master/mb-display_split_recordings.user.js