What's your favorite song right now?

hello y’all~

over in the unofficial MusicBrainz Discord, we’ve got a channel for sharing music. I figured we probably ought to have such a place here too~

I’ll get us started with this absolute bop!~

streaming links preferred, and albums are fine too~ what’re y’all listening to right now?~


As you start with Japanese stuff, I’m little bit cheating as it’s not really right now, but I just want to listen to ONMYŌZA’s MUMA-ENJŌ (from their YOSHITSUNE suite, on their GARYŌ-TENSEI album, once again. :sweat_smile:

I love this. :heart:

MB track: 組曲「義経」〜夢魔炎上

I’ve loaded the CD. :cd:


(Make it Rain - Ed Sheeran)



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Please link, if possible, I don’t know. :grin:

I dont know how whahahahaha

This one was love at first listen for me, and I haven’t found much to top it since.

A band I discovered last week. Seiðlæti, Icelandic folk music, hauntingly beautiful.
I’ve only found one album by this band and they are not in MB

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I definitely didn’t forget this thread exists… :melting_face:

got some trap metal vibes for y’all~

Found through YouTube recommendations this week The Beths - "Expert In A Dying Field" (Official) - YouTube

Before that, I’ve listened to this way too many times recently lol Krewella - Alive (Acoustic) [Official Video] - YouTube

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NZ represent!

I’ve been obsessed with this song for a while now, no sign of slowing on it yet. Ooh, seeing her live soon, just remembered!!

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I discovered Knifeplay a few weeks ago, and I love their song ‘Promise’:

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I can always dig on some indie/shoegaze~

also, totally unrelated, but I’ve come across this track again recently~

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God, the nostalgia. It’s a really good track too.

Gonna throw this into the thread. It’s been my top song on Spotify for two years and early stats on ListenBrainz doesn’t see that trend going away any time soon, so I’d say it counts. I didn’t expect them to go alt rock like this at all, but they did it and it sounds brilliant. Lauren and Robert’s voices suit each other really well, hope we see a couple more collabs between CHVRCHES and Robert.


My latest obsession(There is a lot of them)

A recent loved track, I’ve been playing every day the whole album CD for this track:

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A close friend just released this and I really <3 it…

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im excite about :hamburger:

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Vinesauce Joel played this on a livestream and it’s a bop.