What's the correct way to fix this artist

There’s an entry for a pair of DJ’s who’ve worked together on a number of mix cd’s:

I’ve managed to unpick the few that were assigned here and add them to the two separate artist profiles. So my remaining question is what should I do with this joined artist? Should it be deleted? If I’ve understood correctly if I delete that last remaining link it might get automatically deleted for me?

Or should it stay as is and add a annotation to say “Do not use, instead use individual artists”?

Or was I completely wrong for unpicking them?


After cleaning up and separating, you could merge the “group” into one of the separate DJs as that maintains the MBID by pointing it at one of the separate DJs. That way if someone external follows the old MBID they end up in a related place. (I’ve done that a few times myself)


Sounds like a good idea! I’ll fix that up then. Thanks @IvanDobsky !


Looks like someone might have deleted it before I got a chance!


That’s odd. I have had artists like that stay around a few days due to other items linked. That one still had the old MySpace link which should have kept it alive.

Oh well, gone now. So nothing to worry about :slight_smile: