What's the artist and title? Environments series

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Hi again!

So there was this series of field recordings a while back (chiefly the 1970s), and I’m trying to tidy up their inclusion in MB. Judging by various articles on them, they’re all by one person, Irv Teibel, and they’re all released on one record label, Syntonic Research, Inc., which he owned. The cover artwork for the records and tapes themselves seem a bit hazy. They don’t mention his name. They do mention the company’s name, but more as a label than as an artist. Should they actually be credited as by [no artist]? Or perhaps as by Irv Teibel, linked in to his entry, but credited as [no artist]?

At the moment, the records in MB are mostly credited to the company, the tapes mostly credited to the person, and nothing credited to [no artist]. Whereas looking at the cover artwork for the label’s various releases on Discogs, neither seem to be credited as artists. I’m guessing I should link them to the artist Irv Teibel, but with the credit text as [no artist], is that right?

Then there’s the actual release names. The official titles seem to be things like “Environments - Totally New Concepts In Sound - Disc 4” although most of his releases in MB currently have more useful and descriptive titles based on the track names, such as “Environments 9: Pacific Ocean / Caribbean Lagoon”.

Mercifully, the tapes seem to be a bit less ambiguously called “Environments 1”, “Environments 2”, and so on (even though they only have two copies of a single track each, making them better suited to descriptive titles).

I’m guessing I should simply go with “Environments - Totally New Concepts In Sound - Disc [number]” and “Environments [tape number]”, and leave the useful descriptions to the track titles, but again, I wanted to check first to make sure. I’d like to tidy these up and improve consistency, then add some more missing releases, but first, I want to make sure I tidy them in the right direction.

Does anyone have any suggestions here for the artist and release names? Is the cover still king?


if the cover does not mention the artist have a look on the edge the artist may be listed there. tapes have the artist on the edge most of the time and not always on the front and if you don’t see an artist then i think maybe put the producer as the artist if that’s all you can fined. tho this one in the link should have the artist as Syntonic Research Inc. only unless you can find some doumataton saying it is not discogs has it as Syntonic Research Inc. and Irv Teibel but looking at the images i dont see Irv Teibel mentioned anywhere on it. you need to be able to back up what you put on it is what it come down to. https://www.discogs.com/No-Artist-Environments-Tintinnabulation-Special-Low-Frequency-Version-2/release/3473341

i’m no expert on this but that’s how i would do it you can also ask support@metabrainz.org

There are numerous external sources crediting these releases to Irv Teibel. [no artist] (or [nature sounds], a more specific version) shouldn’t be linked if it can be avoided. You should leave a comment in the annotation saying that Irv Teibel isn’t credited on the release itself.