What to do with missing tracks

Thanks to good advice from some forum members i was able to scan my music collection and do a proper renaming of my files. However, the scan brought to light that more than half of my collections consist of incomplete albums.

  • there is no option in MusicBrainz Picard software to correct or edit an incomplete album. I know that you can drag and drop the missing tracks but if i download the album and it was incomplete during download, then i would not have the missing tracks on my computer. MusicBrainz cannot search for the missing tracks itself or have a connection with an indexer like Jackett to download the missing files

  • I don’t know if there is a tool or other software to help me with my incomplete albums to find the missing tracks. I don’t know if a tool like MediaMonkey can do it

  • When i open some albums i see that they are red colored with a lock on the left side of the track. I checked if the folder was read but that is not the case. I don’t know how i can remove the lock from the track.

Maybe i have to throw away all the incomplete and locked albums and try to download them again.
Any advice is welcome.

  1. Some albums have multiple releases with different numbers of tracks. The number of tracks is part of the information used by Picard to select an album to match the existing tracks, but for those albums that are incomplete you should probably right click on the album and see if there is a better release.

  2. Picard cannot help you find missing tracks to download (and nor can MediaMonkey). Whilst such downloads are not legal, if you decide you want to do it anyway then you probably want a bittorrent client like qBitTorrent or alternatively go to a music file sharing channel on IRC.

  3. Regarding the “locked” albums, the Picard Documentation web site page on Status Icons explains what this is about (a permissions issue on the files).

  4. Scanning is probably not the best way to do a first tag on your music files - cluster and lookup is usually better. Again the Picard Documentation web site has a page recommending how to do a first tag of an album (when files are already grouped in an album directory).


I checked my files and all permissions are set correctly. How can one album be locked and the other not if they are in the same folder and all files have the same permission?

I can’t answer that without sitting at your PC and checking. I was simply quoting what the documentation says. But, why are all your albums in one big directory?

If you right click on the file with the lock symbol and open the Info dialog Picard 2ill show the error it got when reading / writing the file.

Does this happen when saving or already when loading the files? For writing make sure neither the file nor the folder it gets saved to are set to read only.

Also Windows file permissions can be kind of complex. Again make sure reading and writing are allowed for both the .file and the folders.

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They are not. Every Album is in a separate folder as a subfolder of the artist name

Oh - apologies. When you said “How can one album be locked and the other not if they are in the same folder and all files have the same permission?” I though that meant that you had at least two albums in the same folder with the same permissions.

Check the permissions on a folder for a locked album
(Select the folder, then right click) If it’s read only, then you ‘ll be unable to add to the folder)