What to do if track lists a title not found on the uploaded cover?

I can only find 996 local ripped tracks, the collection here on MB claims to have 997 tracks.

According to the cover for CD56, there is no track nr. 32

But if you look at CD56 in this release here at MB, there is a track nr. 32 called

Fifteen Children’s Folksongs WoO 31: XIV. Dem Schutzengel

What is the correct workflow for this situation?
a) Write an addition to the annotations?
b) Remove the track nr. 32 from the track listing on CD56?
c) Something else?

From what I can tell, track 25 was split into 2 tracks when the release was originally added and has remained that way since. There’s a discID attached to the release for a 32-track CD, but I can’t see when it was added. Is your CD definitely 31 tracks?

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What I can say for sure:
The local track lengths for title #25 und #26 matches the (splitted) one here on MB:

and my local track #31 starts with a female voice singing “Marienwürmchen, setze Dich auf meine Hand”.

Do you have the CDs?

It is not unheard of for later reissue CDs to cut up tracks and change a track count. OR a Digital Media release of an album to do extra splits like this.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the CDs anymore. I rip them (for later processing) and give the original mediums away. Therefore I can not say with 100% certainty if it was a ripping problem - like too long file names, special filename characters - or if it was missing on the original CD.

Currently, I don’t see this track #32 in my local folder. I assume, that it was not on the CD.

Judging from the track times, you’re missing the final track (31 on the tracklisting and presumably 32 on the actual CD).

My guess would be that the tracklisting printed on the release doesn’t match what’s actually on the CD, with track 25 being split into 2 and the subsequent tracks pushed back a number. Unfortunately, I can’t find a corresponding digital release to see if it has 31 or 32 tracks for comparison, and you’ve said you don’t have access to the CD anymore to check that.


That sounds like you would have ripped it as it was. You would have remembered if you dived in and split a track.

It looks to me like there is a reissue in here somewhere. Something a bit different with your edition of the CDs. Basically you have a different version of the CD with a different track count on this on CD.

I am trying to make sense of these. Are you not just missing track 32? If track 31 starts right, and you have a track count showing 31/32, I agree with @Comrade_Mike - you are just missing an MP3 track.


Thanks to your hint I was able to find a replacement for my missing track #32 (length: 02:29)

32 - Fifteen Children’s Folksongs WoO 31ː XIV. Dem Schutzengel

The same female voice as in track #31 sings in track #32: “O Engel, mein Schutzengel mein, Du Gottes Edelknabe…”

Thanks to @IvanDobsky too, for your idea with the later reissue.

The track listing here on MB is correct, but the uploaded cover does not match exactly for the splitted track #25 and following numbers as @Comrade_Mike correctly concluded.

What should we do with this findings now?

The track list should be as you listen to it. Has it tagged your files correct? (I assume so by what you are saying)

If yes, then just stick a note in the annotation that the booklet has a typo and the corrected track list is as shown in the track list…

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Some annotation like this?

This collection should contain 997 tracks. CD56 contains 32 tracks as listed.
The back cover for CD56 only lists 31 tracks, but the back cover track #25 was splitted in #25 und #26.
The back cover track #26 becomes #27 and so on until the last back cover track is #32.

How would you summarize it?

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Yeah, just like that. :slight_smile: Basically answer the question you asked in this thread.

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