What tag names are correct?

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f2a01167c40>


When I use Foobar2000 to list all files in my library, I discover that several files are tagged using “MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID” while others use "MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID"
Which one is correct?


I am not entirely sure how foobar2000 interprets and displays the tags.

Do the files have different file / tagging formats? See the Picard Tag Mapping to see the official way the IDs are written to different formats. At least for the MBIDs that should be considered the standard.

The version without underscores and everything uppercase looks strange to me. Can you say which file formats the files are and which software wrote the tags?


I’m not referring to the actual content of the tag, but the name of the tag itself.
In order to find out which program does what, I need to retag some albums again with several programs, and delete everything in between. It’s a tedious job.
All my files are mp3 files with only ID3 v2.3 tags.

I have discovered that several files were tagged with multiple fields like i.e.:
MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID = edec8307-7668-4136-8068-f5361dfd85eb
as well as
MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID = edec8307-7668-4136-8068-f5361dfd85eb

Apparently, Picard wrote the latter in there, ignoring the fact that it was already there, just under a different name.


For mp3 files, current picard uses TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Id. How this is rendered by foobar2000 is anyone’s guess.

If for some reason the other tag already existed on a file, picard would ignore it. A case could be made for removing anything beginning with TXXX:MusicBrainz, though.


I noticed this in my foobar2000 setup too. Rather than investigating what caused it, I used conditionals as a workaround.


@August_Janse - your contribution is most welcome, AND it shows clearly how hopeless I feel now that I realize that in order to manage a music library, I have to be programmer (if not a rocket scientist)…