What sites have working import scripts, other than Discogs?

I’d like to add “100 Hits From the Crooners” barcode 8717423048831 but it’s not on Discogs. All I can find is entries in product databases and nothing I’ve turned up so far has a tracklist, catalog number etc.

If you would have typed the tracklist directly, you would already have created your release, instead of searching a source to import. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Or maybe it’s a very big multi medium release?

You can use the release editor track parser for most text blurbs, if you really want to skip typing.

Looks like 100 tracks :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t find an online tracklist either… one thing you could do (assuming you’ve ripped the tracks) is:

  • Drag all ripped tracks into picard, select all of them, and hit ‘scan’ (should get most or all tracks matched to random releases on the right, assuming they are famous tracks)
  • Select one release/track on the right, and right click ‘track number’ in the bottom panel (on the left), and select ‘add to “preserved tags” list’. Do the same for the ‘album’ tag.
  • Select all of the tracks on the right again, and hit save (you’ve made a backup copy first, of course)
  • After saving has finished, select all of them, drag them back to the left panel, and hit ‘group’
  • Right click the group, and then click Plugins> add cluster as release (you might have to enable this plugin first from options > plugins, can’t remember)
  • Double check all the data and change it to match your back cover exactly
  • Submit release :raised_hands:
  • In Picard go to options > tags, and remove the preserved tags we set earlier



If you still have the physical CDs, once you’ve done the above you can add the Disc IDs via Picard. You’ll get down-to-the-millisecond track times this way.


spotify deezer itune : a‐tisket: A multi‐source seeder for digital releases for MusicBrainz

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I strongly recommend using https://atisket.pulsewidth.org.uk/ instead. The original instance of a-tisket hasn’t been updated in well over a year, and its developer is MIA. There are a number of problems with it: we believe that it has been blacklisted from querying the iTunes API, for example.


It appears to be in MB already

If you have the actual release please add the discids.


It was added on June 14th last year; most recent post here before yours was June 3rd last year. So, yes, the release is in MB now, but wasn’t at the time this topic was made or last active. :slight_smile:


Thanks, somehow I missed the date of the post. I need to be more careful.