What should be the title of this release? "CYAN" or "#00FFFF"?

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I’ve just added a new release, but I’ve been having trouble trying to decide what is the best title for it.

As you can see, the cover doesn’t mention “CYAN” anywhere, only “#00FFFF”, which is the hex number for the color Cyan. The sheet showcasing the physical releases of the EP also don’t mention “CYAN”. Instead, it says KANG DANIEL FIRST MINI ALBUM “#00FFFF”, which suggests it’s the title of the release.

However, all digital releases, including the korean ones have “CYAN” credited instead for the title: Melon, iTunes, Deezer and Spotify. What should be done here?


I would lean towards using “#00FFFF” as the release title and have “CYAN” as an alias, as it’s what is actually on the cover. We have no way of knowing if the artist signed off on the digital stores calling it “CYAN”, as opposed to the stores doing it so customers can find and talk about the product easier.


This release is referred to as “CYAN” everywhere that I can see except the promo flyer that you linked to.

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I think I’d try to track down what the artist intent is with this release, and then use that.

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