What language to use for classical work names?

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We currently have Sonate Nr. 3 für Violine und Klavier A-moll, op. 25 „dans le caractère populaire roumain“ in the database. The composer is Romanian, but studied and worked in France. Judging from the linked score as well as the French retained in the German title, he titled the piece in French. It looks a tad bit weird to have a random German title on his opus page.

So I’m not sure if those work names should be switched to French, and German left as an alias.

Asking for works to be added in their original language, though, would have a major downside—I’d be trying to add works in French, a language I do not even pretend to know. That’d lead to a lot of errors. I’m not sure why we have both a name and aliases—if we only had aliases, the whole problem goes away.

Style guidelines for Work name?

Right now there’s no guideline for the name - as long as the work is findable and identifiable, use whatever name fits, basically.

Because a name is kind of expected by most people. There’s definitely been talk of moving stuff to have only aliases though. But it’s a huge change, and not one I expect to happen soon.


Ok. So I’m just going to leave the name alone. I guess if I knew French, I’d change it (moving the German translation to an alias). And I won’t feel guilty about entering new works in English, even when that’s not the composer’s tongue.


Sure. If someone has a specific opinion on how they should be named, they can always edit them later :slight_smile:


I see this issue with soundtracks all the time. I usually try to go with whatever version of the name the work is first published under as the title, and enter as many aliases as I can.