What is this? (strange digits instead of real tag-info)


i got my tags deleted by this and other similar nonsense “information”, among the tracks i got “destroyed” was pretty well known classic like acdc. is this usable some how or just crap someone managed to upload to the database?

i could sometimes right click and “check the song” and there was some more info about the song but it wasn’t downloaded any way, only the “meaningless” digits…

i got several songs with strange numbers and tags deleted with similar results. a lot of meaningless numbers, no artist no nothing, still they had some sonic id…I will be more careful than to “bulk” tag any more files in the future … :frowning:


That really sucks, but I don’t think the entry is junk, since it looks like those audio CD’s exist.
They don’t seem to have incorrect fingerprints or anything like that, did your tracks get matched to that release using the ‘Lookup’ button?
But before clicking ‘save’ those fields must have been pretty dark red if your existing tags were very different… which is a pretty big warning flag. Picard uses algorithms to try and guess what you want it to do/ what to match, so it’s not always perfect. Bulk tagging on files that haven’t been matched before is tricky, and I would either back them up first or:

But anyway, sorry to hear, if there’s something specific that you think needs to be changed or addressed post your ideas! :open_mouth:


Hi, yes they got all matched. I know it can’t be perfect and im pretty new and im slowly learning how to use it. but to have songs info with no artist, no cover art no nothing just numbers sound a bit odd don’t you think.

i missed that part of the red warning. Ill keep in mind.

and sure ill be posting ideas a bit further down the line when im a bit more savvy :slight_smile: