What is the style rule for acronyms and abbreviations?

What is the expected style rule for acronyms and abbreviations? for example in Spanish and English, if I have a title such as:

  • “Pain Mgmt”: Mgmt and abbreviation for management is fine like that or it should be “Paint MGMT”?
  • “FYI, I Love You”: FYI should be capitalized or “Fyi, I Love You”?

Thank you

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I would expect both to be as originally quoted, but I’m not sure I can explain why other than “it seems more sensible that way” :slight_smile:

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This is what I was taught (American English. British English may have some differences):

Abbreviations are usually first-letter-capitalized, when used in a title, so “Pain Mgmt.”

Acronyms (abbreviations pronounced like a word – NATO, NASA, BAFTA) and initialisms (abbreviations not pronounced like a word – FYI, ATM, CEO) are generally all-caps.

There are a few words that started out as acronyms, but, through common usage, eventually became words in their own right (scuba, laser, sonar, for example). These should be capitalized like any other word in a title (Scuba, Laser, Sonar).


Yeah, both are real reference, for example “Pain Mgmt - Rise Against”