What if I prefer track names in English instead of German?

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Picard matched to this release:

But the track titles are all German. I don’t want to overwrite my English track titles with German. Please advise on how to proceed.

I see an English titled match on discogs:

Should I import that release into MB?

Which release do you have?
There are several releases in the release group.
One of the releases includes pictures of the front and back covers.

The titles displayed on the back cover of that release are clearly in English.
This release should therefore be corrected to have the track titles match what is written on the release media.

The disc may have been released in Germany, with titles translated in German.
if you have a release with titles in English, it would better match the release that I have listed above.

Is there a way in Picard to reverse the flow – my English track titles overwriting this release’s German track titles?

It’s a (wonderful) German movie, the English tracklist of the OST is the one that is translated.
Notice that the Nick Cave and the Crime songs have their original English titles anyway.

@chuck.kahn, if your goal is just to tag track names in English, you can right click your release in the right hand side of Picard to select another edition, an edition with English only titles.