What exactly means Picard with «updating» my files?

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I have installed the newest nightly build of Picard (picard-setup-1.4.0dev5_win_20161106110213.exe)

If I start Picard and drag & drop a compilation album, I get multiple lines in the debug log file like:
D: 11:46:05 Updating file <File u'21 - Popcorn.mp3'>

Which options do I have to deactive to be sure that a simple load & recognize process DOES NOT update my files?
(I want to be sure that tags are only updated if I manually press CTRL+S or “Save”)

Or is this debug line just a misleading expression for an update «from None to <Cluster u'Unmatched Files'>» or «from <Cluster u'Unmatched Files'> to <Track 1234...» or some other move between Picards different panel?


That’s just a debug line telling that Picard’s internal representation of the file was updated, which happens during loading of metadata from MB.org. FIles are only changed on disc if you save them.