What exactly is AB:GENRE

i am unable to find information on the tag AB:GENRE.
lots of my music have is genre tag under ab:genre and i need a script to copy it to GENRE.
i have made a script like this : $set(ab:genre,%genre%) …dosent work
please somebody , i need explanation on :
-what is AB?
-what is mean tag whit : in it ?
-why scripting dosent see it ?
thanks a lot :slight_smile:
(im french)

AB is AcousticBrainz, which was supposed to provide automatic audio analysis for various use cases. Please note that AcousticBrainz was announced to be discontinued.

ab:genre is a tag set by the acousticbrainz Picard plugin. It holds the genre as loaded from AB. The plugin prefixes all its special tags with ab:.

You have it the wrong way round: the first parameter is the name of the tag to set, the second one is the value to set:


This will overwrite any value already present in the genre tag. If you only want to set this tag if it is empty try:


thanks for that usefull information
its worked flawlessly