What does this mean in the tutorial?


Hi, you can find many of us on IRC in #musicbrainz , where we’re used to time zone mismatches :slight_smile:

If you’re a MusicBrainz editor, you can also send PMs to other editors through the MB website.


A bit late to the party but

Our database has 3 different release for this album

all of them have this track at 5:54 and not 8:01
I looked at a few other sources and they don’t have that track at that length.
It is possible that you have a different version of this album but this is not in our database.
Or maybe you have the wrong track there.Was it ripped from an original CD? downloaded from a different source?
If it is a different release then please add it to the Musicbrainz database.


I was just showing you what is meant by “drag & drop”, by dragging & dropping a few things :slight_smile:


Hi DonBello.
Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences around using Picard and MB as a new user with us.

For whatever historical reasons the fact is that Picard and MB forums are as they are.

If you have the time, energy and inclination then the following may be a way that your experiences could be taken into future changes.

Picard: Survey and First Impressions

edit: (All the following is incorrect and outdated)
Without messaging facilities being available currently on MB forums I can point you to release Clàrsach na Bànrighe which I recently edited. With this information you could now, after a series of clicks, email me*. And I could commiserate around the obstacles to quickly learning how to use Picard, acknowledge your restraint in face of these obstacles, and ask you to consider the volunteer nature of the overwhelming majority of Picard/MB contributors, etc. And I’d say how important I think it is that Picard and MB have a far more easily accessible and understandable UI rather soon if the majority of global recorded music from pre-1950 is ever to be included in the MB database.
*Whoops. Not correct. First you’d have to register on musicbrainz.org. Using the same name as you do for the forums is suggested.


These forums use the MB login; noone can be here without having an associated MB account. (There is also no way to choose a different user name.) This is exactly why internal messaging isn’t active here: because it wouldn’t make sense to have two messaging systems side by side.

The single sign-on seems to work so seamlessly that you have forgotten about it, filling the missing memory with other experiences. I take that as a good sign.


And here was me thinking that my browser was finally doing log-ins nicely.

So how do I email DonBello?
I had a look at the searches on musicbrainz.org but no “editor/user” search was apparent.


It is where the other searches are, the entity type is called “Editor”. (In some cases, it may be even easier to construct the URL, https://musicbrainz.org/user/DonBello, by hand.)