What does musicbrainz_trackid signify?

and again, nowhere (other than Appendix B: Tag Mapping — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9 documentation and its variants) do the docs mention MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID. Nowhere is the meaning exposed and nowhere is the tag mapping to the schema made explicit. So one has to guess/infer both association and meaning.

I could have used any of the other MUSICBRAINZ_* tag names as an example and we get back to guessing/inference for those not on the inside.

To whit:

Which MBID I happen to have inferred through our dialogue over the past two days that it’s to MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID, but nowhere is it made explicit.

Could the contents of this thread be turned into an Introduction to MBID Tags article of some form? A beginners guide?

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If it were me I’d simply amend what’s set out here: Appendix B: Tag Mapping — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9 documentation to have each table include a row setting out a Purpose/Description and another row that maps to the database schema:

Just add two rows at the bottom:

Maps to

Then all the relevant info is in one place for anyone looking to understand their meaning and what datapoint they represent within the schema.

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MetaBrainz is open source, so it is you :slight_smile:

A amazing member of the public (@rdswift has given an incredible amount of his own time to get the docs to their current standard) or a MeB dev might indeed have the time to pick up your suggestion, but otherwise you can submit changes/fixes to the Picard docs here: GitHub - metabrainz/picard-docs: Documentation for MusicBrainz Picard


I’ll, happily do so but someone here would need to vet my inferences as being correct before I submit for consideration.

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If you know a bit of python it’s fairly easy to bash together a script using the musicbrainzngs and mutagen libraries for tagging a release with only those values if you want

This is what I did recently for my music server (since I prefer to do all my tagging via command-line on the server, and Picard can’t be used via cli anyway from what I understand)


@VikingSchism, would you be prepared to share your code?

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Hi, sorry for the late response but since it’s very thrown together and basically just the minimum for my needs (it doesn’t handle anything other than flacs for example) I would rather not share it. If you want to make your own I can give some pointers though