What do YOU want in ListenBrainz?

Hello @vchn-mkr and welcome !

I like that idea a lot!
We have been experimenting on this here forum, with @outsidecontext creating a plugin for Discourse to show a user’s currently playing track, or the currently pinned track as a fallback. See Showing a user's ListenBrainz listens in their Discourse community profile

In the same vein, we could provide an embeddable widget that can be used on any website. I’ve created a ticket to track that feature: LB-1292

P.S.: If you are technically minded, we do have an endpoint that exposes that information: https://api.listenbrainz.org/1/user/MYUSERNAME/playing-now


Thanks for opening the ticket. I hope this will be worked on.

Also, I have enabled the option to display now playing on the forum. Really cool stuff. Thanks again.


Thank you! It looks like it updates the date for existing loved tracks as well? Wonderful!