What do YOU want in ListenBrainz?

Hello @vchn-mkr and welcome !

I like that idea a lot!
We have been experimenting on this here forum, with @outsidecontext creating a plugin for Discourse to show a user’s currently playing track, or the currently pinned track as a fallback. See Showing a user's ListenBrainz listens in their Discourse community profile

In the same vein, we could provide an embeddable widget that can be used on any website. I’ve created a ticket to track that feature: LB-1292

P.S.: If you are technically minded, we do have an endpoint that exposes that information: https://api.listenbrainz.org/1/user/MYUSERNAME/playing-now


Thanks for opening the ticket. I hope this will be worked on.

Also, I have enabled the option to display now playing on the forum. Really cool stuff. Thanks again.


Thank you! It looks like it updates the date for existing loved tracks as well? Wonderful!


My two cents:

I’m most interested in expanding “Similar Users”. For me it was always the most intriguing prospect of scrobbling.

Both the “neighbours” feature in both last.fm and “Similar Users” ListenBrainz have remained in infancy since their first iteration.

I, and most people, like listening to more than one “musical genres”. I always envisioned this feature’s potential to let you meet people who enjoy listening to one or more sets or artists in one or more spheres of music that you listen to, and help you explore music that’s actually listened to by people who actually like the same music you like as opposed to a linear algebraic calculation by a machine, and a gateway to actually using social features and making connections.


Dark Mode plz !
Good job !


I suggest two things,

  1. When you press “next”, it directly starts the next track
  2. In the player bar or elsewhere, you can have the possibility of listening only music without the videos

Thanks for all !

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Second one is possible with Spotify.

the second one is unlikely with YouTube, as I think they’ve complained elsewhere when applications do that, but I’ve heard we’re in talks with other providers (namely SoundCloud)

but as said above, if you’ve got a Spotify account linked (free or premium), there’s no video

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As has been mentioned, you can do this by connecting a Spotify premium account.

As has also been mentioned, YouTube has some very strict conditions that allow us to embed their video. So, unless they change their requirements, YT video wont be collapsible, sorry to say.

We are always looking at other sources for streaming music, but that’s completely dependant on them allowing access. Fingers crossed!

this is probably a ways off, but I’d like a good, highly-customizable search function. for example, searching for releases by a particular label genred with moe song, or songs that have both Brony and metal as tags (with the option to include subgenres or not)

made a ticket for this one: [LB-1305] add an entity search to the ListenBrainz website - MetaBrainz JIRA


sorry for the double-post, but a cool feature that Spotify has that we could sorta replicate is Blends

basically it creates a playlist that you and a friend both like. I feel like we could maybe expand it out to allow more than two people to “blend” together tho~


Greetings! I’m new here, appreciate everyone’s great work.

One feature I would like to see from a general user perspective is a few more fun ways to explore our stats in the explore tab. For example, seeing “hue sound” or “cover art collage” but with songs from our own library. Another cool thing last.fm users can do is import their stats into this website: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/
One can visualize their top songs for different periods of time. Some people I’ve met online like to share these and it would be nice to have something similar. It could even attract new users to the ecosystem as people share their own. There’s also things like receiptify (which I’m not very familiar with) that seems to lists a Spotify users’ top songs each month in the form of a receipt. It would expand the social aspects of ListenBrainz in my opinion.



Thanks for coming here to give us ideas @puppeht !

That is very much in line with our plans to make a customizable stats art generator:

We already have a few examples of templates which you can see in action here (just a demo for now but stay tuned): ListenBrainz
They are dynamically generated, so you can even try them with your own data: https://api.listenbrainz.org/1/art/designer-top-10/puppeht/week/750


These are looking great! Thanks for responding!

Maybe it would be funny if you did something with the meme “Bill Clinton Swag”? It’s a meme where Bill Clinton sits on the floor holding his favorite vinyls? It originated from an Onion article: Clinton Writes Fan Letter To Joan Jett

Just a fun idea.


Hi @puppeht!

We came up with a bunch of different original grid designs (figma link) to start with, but I’m definitely keen to do more! The sky’s the limit. The UI and proper implementation is a big chunk of work that has to happen first though…

That Clinton swag image generator is one we looked at as well, I love it! You can check out some of our reference points in our LB brainstorm (figma link).
If you come up with good new ideas for image generation please do share. If it will meme, we are probably keen (so the saying goes)

With everything being open source, I’m also hoping other developers will be interested in submitting their own image generators to LB.
You are welcome to leave comments and suggestions on both of those figma files, if you want :slight_smile:


a feature from Spotify which I think is pretty neat is being able to see what playlists you’re being put on as an artist. it’s been brought to my attention a couple times by the artist Malinda and her YouTube Shorts going through her favorites which occasionally grace my feed

this would of course likely need to come after artist pages are properly implemented, or perhaps along with artist pages, but could also be expanded to other pages for releases, release groups, recordings, maybe even works?


On the LB webpage, seemingly clicking on every link (artist, track, user etc.) opens up a new tab instead of showing the new content in the same tab. This poses an inconvenience, because:

It’s inconsistent with MusicBrainz. Clicking on something in MB loads the content in the same tab, it does not open additional tabs.

It’s inconsistent with the rest of the internet. Usually a single click loads the content in the same tab. If I really wanted to load something in an additional tab, I would just use SHIFT + click or just right click and:


If you click a lot on artists, tracks and so on in LB it gets really, really tiresome and tedious to manually close all those unwanted leftover zombie tabs I never asked for.

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I think the main reason for this is because it’s opening a different web site (MusicBrainz vs. ListenBrainz). I get the feeling this will change once we’ve got artist and release pages on ListenBrainz


But technically it should be very easy to solve by replacing all instances of HTML instances with the target="_blank" attribute with target="_self" (which should be the default value anyway)

No idea how feasible this is but something I’ve noticed is that with the Spotify integration it doesn’t seem to track plays of local files which is a little annoying given that I have a playlist that is a mix of local tracks and Spotify tracks. If it is possible to do this I would definitely like to see it implemented

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