What do YOU want in ListenBrainz?

My absolute favorite feature wish is the ability to remove and edit listens. The reason is that sometimes submission apps go crazy and submit things you don’t want to submit or which aren’t even music to begin with. I had both “Web Scrobbler” and the “Simple Scrobbler” on Android (formerly known as “Simple Last.fm Scrobbler”) suddenly start submitting random Youtube videos I wached. Also Last.fm imports resulted in a couple of duplicates. Also sometimes wrong metadata gets submitted and once you notice it is too late, even if you fix it on the application side. It would be nice to be able to clean this up afterwards.

This is already possible in general and exactly the idea behind ListenBrainz. Nothing limits ListenBrainz to streaming, it is just that ListenBrainz integration needs to be added for the music players. Depending on the software this either needs to be done by the developers of said software or it can be added as a third party plugin. If your player of choice does not support ListenBrainz the best thing probably is to bug the developers about adding this.

Have a look at the following topic for a (likely incomplete) list of software with ListenBrainz support: