What do you do now?


On another thread, adding disc ids was mentioned. Since I actually have the CDs for 100% of my collection, this is something I could easily—but VERY unhurriedly—do.

Anyone want to give me a detailed step-by-step rundown on the procedure?

Do I have to boot up picard to submit a disc id? Do I have to have the release displayed in my browser? Do I have to have my matching flac files in picard while I’m doing it?

I sure hope it’s easy. No messing with my files, please! :wink: Maybe just start picard and insert the CD?

I’m going to search docs on the MB site: maybe I’ll find something (but the search there is pitiful: I tried search docs many times and came up with nothing useful, so I learned by trial and error, mostly, and some editor suggestions).


Here you go: https://beta.musicbrainz.org/doc/How_to_Add_Disc_IDs


I managed to find that help guide through search :wink: When you’re searching for unnecessary work, it works lol

Ok, I just did one. I think it went ok. There’s a disc id now in the relase I had to create (since only a reissue had been entered—yes, a couple of times, I tagged with a reissue, since the performers, title, tracks and timings were identical and I had to locate a cover image manually, anyway… Now it bites me in the foot!).

I’ll have to try a few more to see how this goes before I can say with confidence that I’m doing it right.

While I was tagging and now that I’m submitting disc ids, I am wondering whether MB and the data being entered by users and stored in the MB database are being used to prevent and/or detect music piracy. I could imagine that it might be possible. These hash codes could be unique and allow the tracing of copies of files that get labelled by this software?


To the best of my knowledge, it isn’t. Also, DiscIDs are not really unique IDs, just hash of (parts of) the CD TOC, which basically just tell times apart (e.g., esp. singles with only a few (say 1–3) tracks on them will usually have DiscIDs that are identical to other releases). I guess if some labels put out pirated copies which have some off-by-1-frame changes, it might be potentially traceable, but I can’t recall having heard about any such cases.