What cover art type should we use for CD single releases?

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What cover art type/types should we tick when uploading a scan like this?

I’ve occasionally used ‘booklet’ but I don’t feel that’s appropriate. Maybe just leaving the type blank would be wiser? Any thoughts?

For that whole scan, I’d use “Front,” “Spine” and “Booklet”. I know it seems inappropriate (since Picard may pick it up and people may end up inadvertently tagging their files with it) but it’s the closest thing we have to accurate.
Perhaps one day we’ll have a more sophisticated system for identifying cover art types…


I would love it if you would additionally cut this scan in 2 parts:
a) Front Cover only (without left barcode part and right booklet)
b) Back Cover only (without left Front Cover and right Spine)

This way we could prevent the problem @HibiscusKazeneko already wrote.


Front, booklet, spine, back.


If that’s the type of single packaging I’m thinking of (which I’ve seen on a couple singles I’ve imported from Japan), there isn’t a back cover image there. One side of the single has the CD showing; the other side has the title pane of that card showing. The half-width spine is visible; the rest is folded and hidden inside the case, not visible without opening it.

Sometimes that card also has a back side, if it does I’d suggest scanning & uploading it too.

I think it’s OK to upload an additional “front” image from cutting only that pane. Or of course if OP doesn’t want to (and I see no reason to expect it), anyone else can download the image, cut it, and upload it.


Thanks to @mdhowe for https://musicbrainz.org/edit/49246848

That is the type of CD single I was referring to, they were also common in Australia.

No worries, I might start to chop them into separate images but it’s already a lot of work.

So yeah, looks like the consensus for this seems to be front, booklet and spine. I’ll go through and update the ones I’ve already uploaded.

It would be nice if we had a type for resized artwork for media centres and the like. A ‘cdart’ type a la fanart.tv would also be useful IMO.

There is a very recent ticket for that by @rdswift:

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I think fanart.tv itself covers this nicely. And as they are using MB identifiers it is easy to integrate. There is also a plugin for Picard. I could even imagine MB itself linking to fanart.tv and promoting its use for the use cases you mentioned.


BTW this package is called a slim jewel case.
IMO you have here, from left to right: back, spine, front, booklet.
The full back also consists of the CD label (yes in those packages, the CD must be stored, its label facing the back, the mirror side inside, which is backward of normal jewel case trays).