What constitutes "official homepage"?

I was fixing up some details on this artist and I noticed that in the “official homepage” slot is a URL for her cosmetics line. I’m tempted to remove it for this reason: it’s not really a website for the artist herself, but for a non-music business she runs. Should websites like this be entered as “official homepage” or not?


She’s not really a musician, so she wouldn’t have a home page like others do.
But, I think the best thing to do would be check the way back machine to see what that site used to be. Because she did not always have a makeup line. It is possible that her “official” webpage became her makeup webpage.

My “vote” -
In general, I would not want to see a bunch of marketing sites being added. But if a non-musician’s home page points to something that they are known for (KVD makeup as example), I would be ok with that.

add-in edit
The link on her page gets redirected to the makeup page. Kat von d dot net was her site, but it now automatically opens Kat von d beauty dot com

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If it’s the best way to access the artists blog/links/updates or get in touch with them, even if it’s not music related (particularly if the artist is more well known for something else) I think it’s a useful link.
I don’t think ‘homepage’ needs to be ‘homepage specifically about artists music’