What are these comments added by picard

Love (Songs-DB_Occasion_album)\Late Night (Songs-DB_Occasion_album)\Work (Songs-DB_Occasion_album)\Party (Songs-DB_Occasion_album)\Classic (Songs-DB_Custom2_album)\Oldies (Songs-DB_Custom2_album)\Jamaican (Songs-DB_Custom4_album)\Minnesota (Songs-DB_Custom3_album)\60s (Songs-DB_Custom1_album)\Love (Songs-DB_Occasion)\Summer (Songs-DB_Occasion)\Covers (Songs-DB_Custom2)\Memories (Songs-DB_Custom2)\Brass (Songs-DB_Custom2)\Jamaican (Songs-DB_Custom4)\Unknown (Songs-DB_Custom3)\60s (Songs-DB_Custom1)

are these comments used anywhere, do i need to leave them or can i blank the comment out. thank you

You can remove them. The Songs-DB tags are media monkey tags. Picard does not set those by default, but the (no longer officially available) Last.fm.Plus plugin did that.

Iā€™d really not recommend this plugin because of things like this.


great reply, thank you