What are the most hated/liked tracks on ListenBrainz?

Given the user feedback (liked/hated) recordings on ListenBrainz, I’ve made the following two playlists:

Most liked tracks
Most hated tracks

Just in case you might be interested and wanted to give them a listen. :slight_smile:


Cool. A lot of great songs in the “most liked tracks”.

What about the most “controversial” ones? Ranked by the highest min(liked_count, hated_count) (simultaneous high hate and like count wins) :rofl:


Bahahahahwwhwhwa, good idea. Let me see if I can make that happen, lol.


a couple more ideas would be to have playlists ranked by likes minus hates and vice versa, to have the less controversial tracks

it’s kinda fun that Blinding Lights is on both playlists, lol

I also noticed that Bohemian Rhapsody appears twice, but then I saw it’s the album version and a live version from Wembley Stadium. I feel like showing disambiguations might be a good idea… I think I’ve seen a ticket for that, but if not I might make one later tonight…


“In a Big Country” landing on the Most Hated list has me searching for my pitchfork - the INJUSTICE! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Glad to have contributed to making Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe one of the most hated tracks on ListenBrainz lmao

I wonder how many people are and what type of person is actually using the love/hate feature - seems like those who are sick of overplayed songs are dominating that list.

The liked tracks are solid, too. Glad to see some love for LP and DM on the loved tracks too, In The End and Enjoy the Silence are two brilliant songs.

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FWIW, the loved tracks were loved a pile of times (highest was 30+ times, I think). where as rickroll was hated only 5 times. So, people are using love more than hate. Which is a nice change. :slight_smile: