What am I missing for CD Lookup?

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I have been using Picard for two years now, but with me switching to Linux (Linux Mint 19) I am having problems with CD Lookup. When I launch Picard, CD Lookup is greyed out. When I launched Picard then from the Terminal, I see that the Terminal states “/usr/lib/picard/picard/ui/mainwindow.create_actions:520: CDROM: discid library not found - Lookup CD functionality disabled”. I have checked, and the latest version of discid is installed. What am I missing?

You need python-discid or python-libdiscid installed. Your distro should have packages for those in its repositories. If not you can find the libraries here:


Thank you for the help! Was able to fix my problem with a simple “sudo apt-get install python3-libdiscid”.

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